Ductworks Fire Protection

The relative complexity of any ductwork system passing through different fire compartments and the relevance of the system’s function in ambient as well as fire conditions can make the selection of a suitable ductwork system difficult. This system is an integrated part of the building structure. Consequently, ductwork fire protection should be part of the global considerations and must be designed during the upstream phase of a project.

Fire performance requirements of ductwork and a wide range of solutions for the protection of steel ductwork and for self-supporting systems using PROMATECT®-L, PROMATECT®-L500 and PROMATECT®-H can be provided by Promat (depending on local regulation). Because this kind of system is really hard to design, Promat recommend to call its local experts to design the best solution in accordance with the local regulation.

For particularly onerous conditions where high impact strength is required or for use in aggressive environments, Promat has developed a range of systems using DURASTEEL® high impact board.

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