Expansion of our North American presence with a new factory

After announcing an investment of 12 million euro into its subsidiary in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), Promat is taking another step forward with the opening of a new factory in Maryville. Since 2010, the company has had a High Protection Insulation and Passive Fire Protection presence in Maryville. The new factory enables us to offer a portfolio of locally manufactured products using microporous granular and panel technology. The investment is part of the growth strategy, allowing us  to serve North American customers with high-performance insulation and passive fire protection solutions. 

new factory - maryville - US - high performance insulation productsSupport for regional growth

The choice of Maryville was based on the availability of a skilled labour force. Maryville’s central location enables fast, efficient logistics, thanks in part to its proximity to raw materials. These include silica, which is the most important material for microporous HPI solutions. Furthermore, a local presence has greater appeal for US customers. The new site will allow further growth in the oil and gas markets, which make widespread use of our products for thermal insulation and fire protection. In addition, the US is home to the headquarters and design offices of several leading petrochemical companies, as well as companies that provide engineering and installation support. The new factory will also enable growth in the energy markets as new sources of energy are introduced. 

Custom-made materials

The Maryville factory will produce custom-made materials with excellent thermal properties in a variety of shapes and forms to suit multiple applications.

  • The Panels range of products are custom-made microporous insulation panels available in a variety of high-temperature grades. They are non-combustible, easy to cut and shape, and resistant to most chemicals. The panels are suitable for a variety of high-temperature insulation applications such as ovens and large surfaces, backup insulation for industrial furnaces, and applications in the glass and ceramics industry. 
  • The Overstitched range of products are extremely flexible microporous panels designed to fit smaller surfaces and more complex 3D shapes such as pipes and cassettes. 
  • FreeFlow is a pourable microporous granular product that offers insulation solutions for applications where no other conventional insulation can be used. 
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