AVIVA Stadium - UK

United Kingdom - Dublin
  • semi-exposed wall linings

United Kingdom - Dublin

The need for reliable fire protection that would provide maximum performance when used in semi-exposed locations led to a selection of products from Promat being used on Dublin’s Aviva Stadium project.

Promat PROMATECT®-B reinforced calcium silicate board was used in many partly exposed areas of the stadium. The lack of inorganic fi bres and a water repellent silicone treatment to both faces make this Class 0, fi bre-reinforced, medium density calcium silicate fi re board ideal for this purpose.

A combination of 9 mm thick Promat SUPALUX® and 9 mm thick Promat PROMATECT®-HD was also used to create the most suitable fi re protection solution for other areas of the stadium, such as semi-exposed wall linings that might be subject to both direct rain and impact damage. Promat PROMATECT®-HD is a dense compressed building board manufactured from an autoclaved mixture of Portland cement, organic fi bres and selected mineral fillers. The resulting board has high dimensional stability and considerable strength.

“This is a very complex building with lots of semi-exposed locations,” says Peter Keenan, Promat Business Manager for Ireland. “As it was a refurbishment project there were also numerous space limitations, and so being able to accommodate these by sourcing a variety of different fi re protection products from a single specialist manufacturer was a signifi cant advantage.” 

The project saw the refurbishment of the famous Lansdowne Road Stadium - one of the oldest sports stadiums in Europe - to create a modern new facility that can seat an audience of 50,000 spectators.