Chevron Oil Big Foot - US

USA - Houma - LA
Gulf Island LLC
  • Acoustic Insulation of bulkheads & engine rooms
  • Decorative linings

USA - Houma - LA

Big Foot is an oil field situated in the Gulf of Mexico, at the south of New Orleans, US. This is one of the oil and gas project in US. The extended tension leg platform (ETLP) constructed have a production capacity of 75,000 barrels of oil and 25 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. This kind of platform welcome workers that are used to stay several months on board. Consequently, we need to ensure a maximal comfort, especially against noise, while maintaining a high level of safety. Promat supplied acoustic and fire rated linings solutions in the view to ensure welfare and safe working conditions.

Project decorative requirements

  • Supply marine wall panels, from the deck, to the overhead, to meet various fire protection requirements, for non-combustible, and B-15, utilizing a factory order formica pattern in many multiple sizes.
  • Production of 4,000 PROMARINE® cores and supply of all the 304 stainless steel metal facings with a #4 brush finish, for all of the panels for the galley area.
  • PROMARINE® was used as perimeter lining panels throughout the complete interior walls, but also in every living space as interior wall panels, which also included divided panels between the passageways and the living quarters. The PROMARINE® boards were also applied as lining panels throughout the entire mess decks, galley areas but also in the cooking area (then with stainless steel facings).

Acoustical requirements

  • The 24 hour a day operation, for this oil platform, required special sound dampening requirements, adjacent to the crew sleeping cabins.
  • our PROMASOUND®-TL, was specified (max. thickness: 5mm) which stand alone, has a sound reduction of 35db.
  • The PROMASOUND®-TL was applied, both on the noise generating side from the machinery, on the steel bulkheads, to lower the sound from transmitting from the machinery, into the adjacent living quarters.
  • The PROMASOUND®-TL, was also utilized on the living quarter side of the steel bulkheads, behind the PROMARINE® panels, to lower the sound transmission, from entering the living quarters.
  • This project, required over 50 rolls of our 5mm PROMASOUND®-TL, to accomplish the extra sound dampening required, to provide a better acoustical performance, for the living quarters.


  • Promat PROMARINE®