Bonarka City Center - Kraków

Poland - Kraków
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Poland - Kraków

Bonarka City Center is a multi-functional city centre built on ca. 19 hectares in the post-industrial area in the district of Krakow Podgorze. The soil reclamation and econtamination were one of the largest investments of this type in Poland. The site is located between the major traffic routes of the city.

Bonarka City Center is a contemporary interpretation of city shopping streets and squares covered with a glass roof. The choice of materials for external and internal building facades are subtle echoes of the industrial past of the area and of traditional shopping arcades in Polish cities at the turn of the century.

The main entrances to the complex are a metaphor of old style gates that in former days were merchant streets in old towns. Each gate has its own character corresponding to the nearest surroundings. For example, the Main Street Square with the entrance from Kamieskiego street refers to the symbolism of the old market.

Inside the complex, across the streets covered by the glass roof there are two levels, freestanding pavilions with cafes and attractive shops. Opposite facades are connected by pedestrian bridges to enable easy access to shops on the fi rst fl oor. There are escalators, ramps and panoramic lifts for easy circulation between fl oors. The fl oors refer to the city granite pavement by the chosen materials, their texture, colour and different shapes. Typical street elements are placed on the streets and squares.

Shopping streets connect to the squares and each of them has its own architectural character. The central town square is a monumental orangery. This two-level square, with arcades and columns supporting the unique glass roof, has two rows of tall palm trees and a fountain with a computer-controlled program of light and water streams.

The Bonarka City Center includes: 250 shops, 20 cinema halls, 9 restaurants, several cafes, ice cream parlours, underground and ground parking for 3,200 vehicles.