Costanera Center - Chile

Chile - Santiago
Alemparte y Barreda
6.500 m²

Concrete beams

Steel beams

Floor slabs

Chile - Santiago

The 300 m tall main tower of the Costanera Center, an ongoing mega-development located in Chile, which also comprises a further three side towers and a shopping mall, consists of a
total of 70 floors.

It is the largest construction project undertaken in Chile and even in Latin America. We were invited to get on board with the project to ensure that the floor slabs, which had to achieve a fire retardant rating of F120, were appropriately protected, a solution we had to revise and test especially for this project.

We are also responsible for protecting the concrete and steel beams found in the central core of the tower. For this, we have developed a solution in conjunction with the construction company, the client and the IDIEM laboratory, which specialises in fire insulation solutions.

The project took 1 year, 6 months and we continue to this day to consult on the project as a company specialising in passive fire protection solutions.