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Singapore - Singapore
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Steel duct cladding with PROMATECT®-H boards

Singapore - Singapore

The new Gardens By The Bay project — a huge botanical garden and recreational facility located on the central southern tip of the island and built on land reclaimed from the sea thirty years ago — is a classic example of how Singapore successfully combines hard nosed pragmatism with entrepreneurial verve.

This work in progress is defined to some extent by the iconic backdrop of soaring steel and glass towers of the nearby downtown central business district and Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. But it is the large body of the surrounding fresh water — created by the new Marina Barrage across the Singapore and Kallang Rivers — that will provide a refreshing counterpoint to what will be, when Gardens By The Bay is complete in a few years time, a highly attractive recreational destination for residents and visitors alike.

Comprised of 101 hectares of sculptured landscape, about the size of 177 football fields, the new Gardens are spread over three interconnected green zones. Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central are all rich in exotic botanical bounty. 

To enhance safety functions of the sophisticated structures, approximately 7,500 m² of 120 minute fire resistant PROMATECT®-H ducts have been employed in the basement, ground floor and other levels of buildings related to the new conservatory complex.

While it is interesting to note that the successful and constantly expanding Green Mark Scheme from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is now also a benchmark recognised by other countries, the fire protection in the infrastructure of Gardens By The Bay pushes the fundamental principles of sustainability and the considerable benefits of reduced carbon footprint another step ahead.

Steel duct cladding with PROMATECT®-H boards among other Promat products and systems are comfortably at home protecting this valuable, new green showcase for an increasingly important international city at the crossroads of the world.


PROMATECT®-H matrix engineered mineral board