Hotel Arakur - Ushuaia

Argentina - Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia
Grant Associates UK, Gustafson Porter UK

Air ducts

Argentina - Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia

The first project specified for Argentina is a 5-star hotel locatedin Ushuaia, our country's most austral city.

The challenge related to compartimentalizing the spaces comprising the air vents for the hotel's kitchen, taking into consideration the lack of space and the need for 60-minute fire resistance. 

The enquiry for the hotel reached us through the INTI ('National Institute of Industrial Technology') Department of Fire Technology, which is the official fire testing laboratory. The use of Promat products was both recommended and specified.

The chosen solution consisted of constructing a self-supporting partition with PROMATECT®-H 15 mm boards + PROMATECT®-H 20 mm boards + Promat Joint Sealant + PROMASEAL®-AN.



Promat Joint Sealant