Oman Ocean Patrol Vessels - UK

United Kingdom - Portsmouth
BAE Systems
  • Floor panels
  • B15 rated partitions
  • Linings

United Kingdom - Portsmouth

The Royal Navy of Oman’s 3 off Khareef Class Ocean Patrol Vessels were built by BAE Systems in Portsmouth between 2008 – 2011

After extensive product suitability testing by the Shipyard, Promat UK Ltd. supplied all of the floor panels and B15 rated partitions and linings used in the modular construction of the cabins, using the lightweight Promat PROMARINE®-450 panel system.

In order to facilitate accelerated installation times, each individual floor and wall panel was supplied cut to specified dimensions and labeled and packed for specific areas.

Further, Promat UK Ltd. also supplied all of the non watertight doors on each vessel. The B15 doors were constructed from Promat PROMARINE®-640 boards.


  • Promat PROMARINE®-450
  • Promat PROMARINE®-640