Stadshal - Belgium

Belgium - Gent
Paul Robbrecht


Belgium - Gent

To protect the wooden construction from the heat of the two chimneys above the open hearths and make the technical shafts Rf 1h fireproof, a double layer of 18mm thick PROMATECT®-H fire resistant boards has been installed.

"The inspiration for the Stadshal comes from covered markets, the double facade of the city hall, medieval naves and the historic trade route that used to cross Braunplein on its way from Bruges to Cologne. Based on a great deal of history and careful consideration, it is both a medieval and a contemporary building. The choice of materials contributes to this as well”, says the architect Paul Robbrecht.

To protect the wooden construction from the heat of the two chimneys above the open hearths and make the technical shafts Rf 1h fireproof, a double layer of 18mm thick PROMATECT®-H fire resistant boards has been installed. The PROMATECT®-H boards were mounted directly onto the steel with Hilti nails. Where necessary Metal Stud profiles (MS 50) were installed first. Given the great height it was not easy to mount the boards on the steel structure. Nonetheless, the firm responsible for the installation, Ceulemans Creative from Lier, has carried out the project successfully.